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How I got 100+ Subscribers in One Day From A Blog Post I Wrote Last Year

This post is from Sunny who runs, and his technique that got him 100+ subscribers in a day


First I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. The success (& failure) stories shared in the group are a great way to learn from other people’s experiences.


Although this is not a launch story with awesome sales$ figures, so I’m going to share this small (big for me) win with all of you and hope this post helps at least one person out there.

Here we go.


Background: My audience is people that are new to CrossFit.


  1. Finding fishing holes: Finding where my audience hangs out was pretty easy. I did a quick google search for terms like “CrossFit” “CrossFit Beginner” “CrossFit Blogs” “CrossFit Communities Online”. I stumbled upon many fishing holes, but this article will be about one in particular: a blog that had a page called “Write for Us” on their website (upon further research, a LOT of big time blogs have this page. Sometimes this page may be labeled as “Contributing Authors”). I read through the Terms & Agreement and sent an email. Here’s the copy:

copy 1

The next day, a reply: 

Copy 2

OK – so he wasn’t comfortable posting it to his blog but he was cool with putting in his facebook group – which has 30K+ likes. I was NOT complaining.


This was back in August of 15. The results from that submission: 0 subs.


Why?: The article was a story about me, written by me, for me as a recap of what happened to me.

Furthermore, my site wasn’t prepared to take on subs easily. I was still a rookie. I dont remember if I had an opt-in at the bottom of the article or on the side of my page. Either way, no one opted in.


I tried guest posting this article to a few other facebook pages / blogs and nothing was coming of it. I was pretty disheartened.


Today, (1/4/2016), I reached out to the same person for the first time since the last time (4 months ago).

Copy 3

What changed in my approach?

  1. I opened with a simple, stupid greeting  – Happy New Year! ← pretty cheesy but worked.
  2. I wrote an article that was beneficial to his audience based on the time of year it is. Even though this article was written last year, it’s important today!
  3. The last article I submitted to this guy was a story about ME. me me me me BLAH BLAH BLAH BORING NO ONE CARES. Always be thinking: How can you help the audience!
  4. “I’ve pasted it in plain text below and the link is here in case you want to see how it looks on the site” – Gatekeepers to huge blogs filter through a boat load of content to put the right stuff in front of their readers. Pasting the content in plain text in the email meant he didn’t have to click, wait to load, and get distracted by the design of my website. He probably scrolled down and sifted through the 1,000 word article in less than a minute.
  5. I changed my domain from to – a small change that may or may not have mattered – but to me, woduniversity sounds way less “sketch” than wodhackr…


His response? Almost immediately.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.31.44 AM

“it should get you some good traffic”


This guy knows he’s doing me a solid.. But he doesn’t mind, because he also knows I’m providing value for his audience. One hand washes the other.




But I want to take a quick second to throw in my own advice:

1) If you’re not using SUMOME on your website, you need to be. Maybe not all the features – but at least the Welcome Mat.

2) Mailchimp – Make sure you’re using the autoresponder to your advantage. When people enter their email address to my welcome mat, an autoresponder goes out immediately. I make sure to start the email in a not-so-normal type of way. I introduce the question before I introduce the goods. I’m getting responses left and right because of the way I positioned the question. I’m going to use these same responses in my next email to this group so I can tap into their psyche and make them feel like I know them better than they know themselves.


Check out the autoresponder copy below:

Auto respond copy 1Auto respond Copy 2

What’s Next?


I’m going to draft an email to everyone that subscribed today based on the replies I received.


It’ll be something like this:


Last week I asked you about your #1 Single Biggest Issue with nailing down double unders. And the responses have been pretty overwhelming. Here are just a few of the replies I’ve received:


“ asdflkjasdf”





I was there, it wasn’t easy. In fact, it was a pain in the ass.


Lucky for you, I’m an expert in Double Unders. And by expert, I mean I found 1000 different ways that DON’T work. I know you’re well on your way to becoming an expert like me, but maybe I can shorten the time it takes to get there.


Here’s a quick video on Crunchy Solution 1




You’ll hear from me soon!


After that;


Start validating the idea for real. ASK for the sales. Hoping to double the list by end of Jan and then send out feelers.


OK – I think that’s all for now. I’ll make any updates down here if I think of them. Just wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible (1/4/2016 – the day I got 100 subs with one post i wrote last year)





Update (as of 11:59PM 1/4/16)

# of Visitors Today: 7,111

# of Subs Today: 125

Conversion Rate: 1.75%


# of Visitors from 11/17 – 1/3/16: 205

# of Subs from 11/17 – 1/3/16: 1

Conversion rate: 0.48%


Update (as of 8:00PM 1/6/2016) – FINAL UPDATE


This will be the final update since the numbers are starting to taper down. I’ve been replying to emails left and right. (after my initial autoresponder, I didn’t have anything set up).

sunny stat results 1

Today is 1/6/2016.

Monday, 1/4/2016 is when the article was posted

Here is an image of my stats from mail chimp. (left)


So as you can see, 129+96+21 = 246 new subs in 3 days. I had 7 before that since I launched my welcome mat, at least….4 months ago.


Out of 253 sends, 60% opened, so 150 people saw my email.

I did have a few unsubs, naturally. NBD – less than 10 so far


I don’t know the exact number, but let’s just say I’ve spent at least 6 hours replying to email the past 3 days. Maybe I’m inefficient. At this point I’m just making sure I reply to EVERYONE because why not? I told them I will read every reply, mind as well reply to every reply.


I’m loving the conversations that are coming out of replying by the way. I’m also fascinated by where people are finding me from. Sweden, Brasil, India, Colombia, etc. It’s crazy. and Frkn AWESOME.


Well I guess that’s all for this post. I really hope you guys learned something. Please pass it on if you did. I also really selfishly hope I can replicate this process in the near future.




January 17th, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Hi there. Just wondering – I get the impression from this article that what you offered as a guest post was one you had already published on your own website – is that the case? In what I’d read so far (haven’t yet approached anyone to guest blog as I want to get a better ‘free offer’ up on my site first) they usually want an article that hasn’t appeared anywhere else before. It would be very encouraging to hear that you got this success by using one of your existing posts.

January 17th, 2016 at 2:03 pm

Hey Angela, yes when you do guest posts, you want your article to be original. This not only helps with SEO (search engines tend to give bad marks when they think your site contains a lot of duplicate content), but it also improves your relationship with other bloggers.

You show them that you are willing to create exclusive, high quality content only for them, and it also improves your writing abilities!

This was a write up that Sunny did and posted it in a private group, I asked his permission to post it on my blog here. Hope that answers your questions


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