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50 “I Need Money Now” Ideas and Models

If you need money now, don’t panic. This list is a collection of ideas that you can start making money with now, with either little skill or skills you already have. Some of these ideas are also about organizations that can help you out if you really need it.

Although this blog focuses more on building systems for generating revenue and growing existing ones, these ideas can help you out in a bind, so they are worth mentioning here.

Next week we will be looking at how to find a profitable business idea with the skills you already have.

Let’s get into it!

1. Foodstamps

While I don’t necessarily recommend living off other people’s tax money, foodstamps have helped me out when I was down and out looking for a job. Don’t be one of those bums who use it to live off of and sit around on their ass doing nothing!

2. Start a Business

Check out 8 side business ideas you can start with zero skill for some ideas. These are just a fraction of examples to come. They require little to no skill to start, and can have you making money in as little as a day.

3. Donate Blood or Plasma for Money

A donation of blood or plasma can pay you up to $50 bucks per donation. Plasma is just the colorless fluid of the blood. You are allowed to donate blood up to 2 times per week. If you don’t mind needles, you could be making $400 bucks a month on the side just donating blood!

4. Negotiate Your Cable Bill

When I quit my job to travel the world, I had to call up Comcast to cancel my internet/cable. They didn’t want me, a loyal customer, to leave so badly, they started offering me half off for 6 months.

I was confident and adamant about leaving, which you should be too when calling them. Don’t be afraid to “walk away”, show them you aren’t worried about completely leaving them (even if you are). You can always hang up the phone if the negotiation isn’t going your way.


5. Turn Your Passion Into a Website

Even something as simple as writing/blogging about something you are passionate could generate revenue for you. This is my exact method of how I make money from affiliate marketing to sustain my travels from this blog.

If you could get 1k or more visitors to your website from writing/making videos/blogging about it, you could sell advertising/affiliate spaces on your site. I’ve seen some spots sell for $500 per banner per month!


6. Paid Surveys

A lot of businesses need your opinions and reviews on their products. This helps them get a clear view on market demand, and user friendliness for their products. Trust me, as an entrepreneur, this information is worth GOLD. 

Use that to your advantage. Use cash crate to get paid for reviewing or testing a website/product.

I earned .50 cents by telling them some generic information. Am I self employed? What is my ethnicity? Etc.



Amazon HITS is also another paid survey type service, hosted by Amazon so you know it is pretty legit. The offers aren’t as sweet as cash crate, but you can find some good gigs that pay decently. 

The trick here is to do a lot of smaller tasks quickly. 10 cents for a minute, 50 cents for 3-5 minutes, it’s more like something to pass the time with. However, if you’re clever like I know you are, you see this as an opportunity for free lunch/dinner everyday.

If it takes me an hour to make $7 bucks, I can buy a nice lunch while traveling for the day. Not too bad.


Getty Images Payout

8. Photography Stock

Let’s get one thing straight right away. Yes there are people supplementing their income fully from posting their photography on sites like, but I’m not about to tell you to put a few images up and hope to quit your job the next day.

In reality, it’s a very crowded market and somebody has to select your specific photo, and decide that it’s worth the money to spend. Luckily though, with so many blogs coming into existence, more and more people are using stock photos to spice up their blog.

I just can’t stand a photo of a landscape that has a title of ‘ways to make money’. It’s just too ridiculous to me.

If you have some photos lying around or if you want to consider trying this, go for it. My advice would be to put up some images and walk away. Treat it like a savings account.

Don’t expect to get rich, but for the 2 minutes it takes to put up a photo, it could be well worth it if someone decides to pay you $500 for it.


9. Credit Card Boost

Before you knock this one down, listen to this. If you have a credit card, try to submit a limit raise request.

I forgot my password to my online cc account, and while I was in the online support, I saw a link to increase my limit.

I thought to myself, they would never do that. My credit score is hovering at 560, and I’ve only had my card for 4 months.

Eh it couldn’t hurt. So I clicked the link. I literally filled out 4 questions and hit submit with lingering doubts.

Instantly I was taken to a page that said I was approved! I couldn’t believe it!

I just increased my card limit by $2,500 dollars!!

I did this to my other credit card and got access to another $5k that day.

This can be a good opportunity to bring a little breathing room back into your budget if you are in a tight spot.

10. Please Setup an eBay Account

The amount of money I’ve been able to make on eBay in a month by selling unused things is ridiculous. I’ve made over $1,000 dollars in the month that I quit my job by selling things that I honestly didn’t think would sell.

I sold a laser star night light for $80 bucks!

It’s not too hard to do. I try to find my item already for sale on eBay, and I click the ‘Sell Similar’ button. This automatically creates a template in eBay where all I have to do is upload my pics and change the description a little.


11. Etsy Craft

Etsy Craft Shrunken Head

If you like to create stuff, put your art on Etsy. I’m really into creepy carnival stuff, shrunken heads, and old poison bottles. I specifically made custom poison bottles and put them on Etsy and they sold pretty quick.


12. Be a Content Aggregator

You can actually build a large following by sharing other people’s content. Facebook, pinterest collections, or even videos. If you target a specific audience before hand, you can build a following in a certain niche and either introduce them to your own stuff, do affiliate offers, or even get paid for a banner ad. I’ll be covering this in much more detail soon.


13. I Hate Pawn Shops

Pawn shops try to squeeze the most money out of you that they can. I’ve had some pawn shops lie straight to my face about what they could sell my binoculars for. I could see similar binoculars in the display window going for 2x as much as the guy quoted me.

That being said, if you are really hurting and need some money now, pawn shops are ideal.

I HIGHLY recommend you put your item on eBay and wait just a little longer. I know instant payment at a pawn shop is gratifying, but you will be able to get 2, 3, 4 times more if you put your item on eBay.


14. Turn a Skill Into Consulting

This is where I could write books about this stuff. Everybody has at least one skill, one ‘thing’ that just comes easy for them. Even if its something so simple as being organized, there ARE people who will pay for your talent.

There are people and businesses who PAY others to use social media for them.

Now I know unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how to navigate social media. CEOs and extremely busy business owners will hire you to handle their social media accounts because they delegate their tasks, and social media is a fairly simple one.

I personally know people who have quit their jobs in order to work a Facebook (sharing posts, engaging) page for a business. I’m in the process of interviewing a friend for the blog now.


15. Virtual Assistant

Fiverr Virtual Assistant GigIt’s not hard to become a virtual assistant. Things like writing articles, doing research, and managing accounts or emails. In fact, Danny M. was able to make $100k doing freelance work on in a year with no prior experience in copyrighting. He explains how he was able to do this on his blog.

The key is to offer results to your client, not necessarily your skill set. For example, let’s say you have a client who wants a really nice article on X for her website, and it has to be done professionally and able to have good retention. What does she really want to accomplish with that article? Does she want readers to sign up to her list? Does she want the readers to take action and view a product? Or does she just want to deliver high value content?

If you can jump to the end of your clients needs and wants directly, which sometimes requires research and digging of your own, you can use this in your negotiation and you can win potential clients even if you haven’t been writing for X years or have 20 certified qualifications.



16. Fiverr With No Skills

You would be surprised at what people are willing to pay for on Fiverr. I even paid a lady to record a 20 second voicemail greeting for my phone. It sounded sweet and professional too!Fiverr with no skills

  • Short voice overs
  • Voicemails
  • A book/article proof reader
  • 30 second testimonial reviews. Just say “I loved x product because y”.
  • Help someone make up a business name
  • If you are creative, the more success you will find here
  • Anybody can do the stuff listed above!




17. Small Service Business

You can use my list of 8 side business ideas you can start with little skill for help. Think you don’t have a skill you could turn into a small service business?

I have personally seen people pay for:

  • Organizing their office
  • Cooking pre-made meals for people who want to eat healthy but have no time to cook themselves/eat out
  • Packing a suitcase!
  • Organizing wires behind TVs
  • Hanging a wall bracket for a flatscreen (I did this myself and charged $200 for an hour of mounting a wall bracket)
  • Diagnosing simple computer/tv problems. (Old people have no idea what they are doing with these things half the time!)
  • Managing appointments (you could easily do this online)
  • Word of mouth taxi type service. A lot of people need rides to/from bars you know!

I could go on and on. Sometimes the skills you could be making money from aren’t always skills. They are conveniences that people are willing to pay for (like home cooked meals delivered to their doorstep). I’ve seen full-on businesses doing this!

We will be talking about how to find and get clients for any type of business or side hustle that you decide to pursue in future articles.

18. Babysit

Again, this could be considered a service business. This works mostly if you can get good word of mouth, but I’ve seen success in local advertisements, craigslist, and newspapers as well.

I wouldn’t charge less than $13/hour, especially if you have to drive your own vehicle to and from.

19. Story About a Freelance Photographer


I’m going to tell you what one of my friends did exactly to get business through his photography hobby. This guy had only the BEST camera equipment (which you don’t necessarily need when starting, but is always nice to have). I’m talking about $5,000 dollar lenses.

What he would do, is he would contact real estate agents and any property managers trying to sell or advertise apartments and houses. He would do a little research and would find people who had listings but didn’t have the best pictures in the world.

He would contact them explaining that he was into photography, and he would be willing to shoot professional style photographs for the real estate listings at 100-200 dollars per photograph.

He would then explain to the managers that by investing $1,000 dollars in photographs, it would help sell the property much faster. Would you spend $1,000 to sell the property now? Or would you not pay for the photographs and wait 6 months, paying the mortgage each month waiting for the property to sell?

This usually convinced the property managers to pay for his services. He would contact dozens, and he would make really nice paychecks. I LOVED this idea, and I’m sure you could do the same without all his equipment. I mean, he was a die hard photo-freak, so his main investment was equipment.

20. Hustle Some Flea Markets

Ohh this is my most favorite. I’ve personally done this and you can make some SERIOUS cash doing this. You could do a number of different things:

If you need money now, you can try to make this poison bottle label craft bottle for less than $5

fig. 1

  • Create your own stuff (like how I used to make poison bottles — fig. 1)
  • Flip old furniture (like the TV show flea market flip)
  • Take useless junk and create amazing pieces out of it (like wrench tables, nuts and bolts statues, or steampunk style light fixtures) — fig. 2
  •  Buy wholesale items and sell them for double the price at flea markets (I wrote about this in my unconventional ways to make money article)

Things to note about flea markets:

  • To rent a booth/table at a flea market typically costs $20-$30 for a day.
  • Gun show tables are typically $60-$100 for a day.
Need money now? Look at this simple wrench table on Etsy

fig. 2

People love weird stuff. If you craft things or refurbish furniture, uniqueness will help you sell.

One of my customers would buy stun guns for $5 a pop wholesale, bring them to Florida gun shows, and sell each for $20-$25 bucks. His highest net profit (after gas and item expenses) was $2k in a weekend.

21. Affiliate Market

This is what I’m doing to build my business currently. Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product while you get a commission. I’m doing this to make money so I can re-invest back into this blog so I can build flagship products and mentorship courses that really focus on building a life of schedule flexibility and the freedom to travel and roam.

You can see exactly how I built my affiliate business in my facebook group, I show you 2 videos and direct you to an extensive list of free resources for you to start.


22. Sell Sunglasses, Glow Apparel and Earrings at Raves

This one is fun as well! I met this guy who was telling me about his early days as a hustler. What he would do is he would buy these glowing/flashing magnetic earrings that could clip to clothing and ear lobes. He would pay $2.50 for a pair, and he would cover himself in these flashing earring magnets right before going into rave/night clubs. He had a backpack of full packages, and sure enough, everyone started pouring around him asking where he got those gnarly lights!

Well, lucky for them, he happened to have a pack for sale! He charged them $5 dollars, making a net profit of $2.50 per package. On his good nights, he would sell somewhere between 50-100 packages, making $250 in a night!

Other nights, the bouncers and club owners would kick him out for panhandling his product. That’s okay, because there would be another night club right down the road (I think he was in some kind of big city, but I forgot where exactly).


23. Stand In Lines?

Yes this is actually a thing, surprisingly. People are willing to pay somebody to stand in line to hold their place or pickup a ticket. It makes sense, maybe somebody is working and they want to get first dibs on the latest game or ticket at their local vendor.

You can usually find these gigs by searching craigslist.

When the iPhone 6 came out, there were professional line sitting companies charging $20 an hour, and another individual charging $2,500 dollars to wait in line for the iPhone 6.

Think about that for a minute — a professional LINE SITTING company. Money is everywhere!

24. Workaway

Actually as I write this, I’m in a workaway house right now, food and lodging paid for. is a site where you can work either away from your home state or country, or you can find places around your neighborhood to volunteer at in exchange for lodging and sometimes food.

By volunteering for 4 hours a day, you can have access to your own room and free meals. While this opportunity doesn’t MAKE you money, it essentially returns the exchange. You probably need money for food or rent right now, as those are usually the main money-sucking factors of life.

By doing a work away, you can sometimes get a better deal than actually trying to work somewhere for a paycheck. You figure a months rent is $700 dollars, and a food budget per month is around $250. That is $950 per month.

If you only worked 20 hours a week at a job making $10 dollars an hour (minus taxes), you would make approx. $600 per month. You couldn’t afford rent and food.

The same amount of time at a workaway won’t earn you physical cash, but it pays for the $950/month expenses. Plus at 4 hours per day, you should have plenty of extra time to do your side hustles.


25. House Sit

This is kind of like workaway, except the only thing you generally have to do is watch the house. This can sometimes be as easy as making sure the house stays safe while someone is gone, and in exchange you will get a place to stay for free.

Other times you might have certain chores to do per day and may or may not have to take care of pets.

If you want to hustle a little for free rent, here are some house sitting sites to help you. When you start to get reviews, it will be much easier locating a house to sit.

26. Basic Chores Guy (and a story of Jersey)


This one can go two ways. I have friends who have started their own businesses, fully supporting themselves, by doing the tactics I will get to in a minute.

Other friends have had the cops called on them and it’s caused them to give up quickly.

A basic chores guy is just what it sounds like. You go around providing basic chores as a service to people who need it.

Homeowners ALWAYS need something done around the house, be it painting a fresh coat of paint on the window sills to lawn care, and all points in between.

This is where your skills can come in handy real fast, especially if you do a good job. Almost everybody I know who has a service based business doing lawn care, managing property or handymen have started out this way and have grown by word of mouth.

I cannot stress how important word of mouth is, to any business.

If you’re looking to start from zero, make a list of ‘chores’ you don’t absolutely hate doing. Here are some to give you ideas:

  • painting
  • lawn care (mowing, shoveling snow, raking leaves, painting, clearing junk, cleaning services, car washing, etc)
  • Garage Gold is a business that goes around hauling old junk out of garages, and flipping it on ebay. Tell me you can’t hustle that in your spare time?

Once you have this list, make a quick ad. Simple is the keyword. In North Carolina, I saw the inside of a pizza box was written: “Leaves, yard work. Call X”. with a sharpie and stapled to a telephone pole on an intersection.

Clever yes, but a pizza box might give off the wrong kind of impression.

You could put this ad on craigslist (probably the fastest, less painful method), or you could print business cards, fliers or brochures.

You could go door to door putting the fliers on their doorstep (if your nervous about knocking on random strangers doors), or put them on or near their mailboxes. Be careful if you put fliers inside peoples mailboxes. If you’re caught doing this, you could piss the wrong person off or be charged with mail tampering.

One of my friend’s moms had a cleaning business, and she would put fliers on bulletin boards around town. There was competition who would do the same thing as her, and tear her ads down to put theirs up.

It’s your judgement call, but I would start out with a simple craigslist ad. If your desperate and/or like to hustle, start knocking on peoples doors.

Be careful though, a friend in Jersey started doing this, trying to help people rake their leaves and put them into bags.

Don’t ask me why but in Jersey they require you to rake your lawn, put the leaves in the bags and put them on the side of the road to be collected.

I think that is complete madness, but he saw the opportunity and tried the hustle. Word of mouth spread about him extremely fast, and before long he started knocking on neighbor’s doors.

He knocked on the wrong door in the wrong neighborhood and some concerned neighbors called the cops on him. The police said he wasn’t allowed to solicit and forced him to stop.


Create a simple advertisement for your services, make it solve people’s pain points. Use some persuasion here and highlight how you can make their life better by choosing you.

Do exceptional work, because word of mouth can separate a side hustle from a full on business.

27. Craigslist Swap


A craigslist swap can make some really good money in a hurry. I’ve personally known people who have put a little effort into re-furnishing old/worn down items and repost them the next day for 10x the profit.

This of course requires a little expense in materials and labor, but the rewards are far more profitable then quickly flipping an item without doing a thing to it. This also can be profitable. I used to buy lots of items at auctions for $5, and some of those items sold for $50-$150 a piece by simply reposting them on e-bay.

I’ll be going way into depth about this topic in the future. I’ll show you how to find items that are profitable, what to buy, and how/where to flip them for the most cash.

28. Wholesale/Dropship Business


This is a very sought after business model because of it’s location-independency and flexibility.

Drop-shipping is where you display a list of products for sale on a website and a customer puts in an order to you. The customer pays you let’s say $100.

You then pass the customer’s information to the dropshipper, and you only have to pay the drop shipper $30 for them to deliver the physical product to the customer.

You are essentially the middle-man, and you keep a cut of the profit for yourself. Be careful about your drop shipping and wholesaler relationships! I got ripped off $1,000 from one of my dropshippers, and I wasn’t able to refund my customer.. it was a nightmare.


29. Misalign peoples’ satellites then leave the business card on door


Okay, just kidding.. but when I was working for Dish Network, I had the idea to go around and knock people’s satellite dishes just slightly out of signal, so the customer would need a tech to come out and re-align the dish.

I didn’t plan on putting this in the list until I saw someone do it on my favorite cartoon; Courage the Cowardly Dog.

A villain (Le Quack) cuts his TV antenna on his roof late at night and gives his business card to Eustace the next day.

Not very practical, but I’m throwing it in for a little humor to break up such a big list.


30. Set Up People’s Computers, basic knowledge, and Cable Management


This one is for the more business savvy. I used to do this and the money was so incredibly easy that it’s worth mentioning here.

There is nothing to learn, and I operated through word of mouth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up fliers or ads online.

I basically charged $50 for a van roll, which means travel to the customers house, and X per hour, depending on how easy the jobs were.

I would literally just find the right channels for their satellite receivers to be on and informed them how to use specific features on their computers, smart tvs, and etc.

This is up to your hustle, but I personally made an extra $50-100 a day doing this. It requires a little schedule flexibility and transportation, but it definitely is worth it.

31. Scrapping Metal


I wrote an in-depth walkthrough about the details of scrapping metal and how people have full time businesses scrapping metal. Some make in excess of $2,000 per month!


32. Setup a Phone Unlocking Business


This can be an easy way to make some passive income. In fact, I have a pdf guide and resources here to help you start this side-hustle. Basically you unlock phones with a code, and you charge $40-$100+ depending on what type of phone it is.

Then you buy the code from a supplier for a fraction of that. It’s a really lucrative business model which is why I will leave the full details in a dedicated pdf ebook that you can study on your own time.

It takes about a day to setup and from then all you have to do is relay customer information. No shipping physical products, and you don’t even need the customer’s phone!


33. Airbnb


Please try this! When I was living in Spain I rented out a 2 bedroom house for 200 euros a month. I put the rooms on airbnb and I managed to make over $500 dollars that month by renting both rooms out.

If you have an extra room, or the place your renting now might have a spare bed/couch, putting up a quick listing on Airbnb could pay your way through rent for the month with a couple nights stays.


34. Washing and Detailing Cars


This is extremely profitable and doesn’t take a lot of investment. I’ve even seen mobile detailers that travel to you to clean your car.

This one doesn’t require a lot. A vacuum, some chemicals, and a lot of elbow grease, you could setup for a day in a busy parking lot and charge $20+ for details.

I used to do this and let me tell you, word of mouth and some kind of business card with your:

  1. phone number
  2. website
  3. facebook

Will get you shared with friends and ultimately get you more clients. There is tons of money in this business, I would personally target a higher-end audience. They won’t care about price, as long as you make their car look fresh and clean.

35. Donate Hair?


This one is an obvious one, but worth mentioning. Depending on what type of hair you have and what quality, you could be paid up to $500 and beyond for your locks.

It might be worth looking into.

36. Turn a Side Hobby Into Profit


There are a million ways to turn a side hobby into profit, and that’s what this blog is specifically focused on.

Let me just start by giving you an example of a guy who makes a full time job’s income simply by recording himself and helping other people by informing and entertaining them.

I like this guy, he calls smoking cigarettes choochin’. I think that’s a canada thing.

Regardless, he records himself both doing body work on rusted out vehicles and repairing drones.

What this does is not only inform his audience how to repair drones and rust, but it attracts customers who might not want to do it themselves and hire him for some kind of consultant/services work.

You can see how simple his videos are here. The views from his videos alone generate a couple thousand dollars per month in ad revenue.

37. Sublet Apartment or Parking Spot


I was reading about a guy who traveled the world and quit his job. His entire income came not from a big savings account, but from subletting his apartment.

This is a little more advanced than using Airbnb, for a couple reasons. With Airbnb, it’s more of a fly-by-night service, where you let random people stay for a couple nights.

If you can get a trusted (or at least a background checked) tenant to enter into a rental lease with you, and they are reliable and trustworthy, you could easily earn passive income from this.

You might be expected to fix things in the apartment though if you are the landlord, but this can be solved by hiring a property manager, or by getting someone you trust to help you out.

This is entirely possible and I want you to use your imagination. The more you think about this stuff, the more it gets your mind moving.

38. Setup a Local Vending Machine / Pinball Machine


I knew a guy who went to his local pizza shops and popular stores/cafes and pool halls, and worked out a deal with his own machines.

You can buy soda vending machines on eBay for about $200. Stock them with snacks/soda and share the profit with the venue that has your machine and this can be some easy passive income.

In my friend’s case, he bought pinball machines and put them in pizza/cafe joints. This way, there is nothing to restock.

I think he split the profits 20-30%, so all he had to do was visit these shops once a month to collect.

As he reinvested back into buying pinball machines, eventually he had over 20 all around town simply collecting money on a purely passive income. After he made the pinball machine’s cost back, which was extremely fast, he was banking money.


39. Setup a Roadside Stand


If you make your own crafts/products/ or art, you can setup a roadside stand to attract business.

I knew of a lady who setup a little paint easel and chair in a park. She had a little sign that advertised characatures for $10-$20 bucks.

You could get really creative with this, and you could even setup a stand for your wholesale products. Parking lots work just as well, and while I have had success doing this, I recommend buying a $20 dollar table at a flea market or similar event.

Flea markets already have an audience that is geared toward buying something, you don’t have to worry as much about laws or zoning permits, and there are just way more targeted buyers in general.

40. Setup an Online Business (blog) – I teach you in depth how to do this


This is something that I am dedicated to teaching you through this blog, youtube channel, and my exclusive gold membership community.

I’ve taught people and helped them develop sustainable, flexible businesses by doing their hobbies and passions. Some of these people have been successful in very vague areas, from crafting origami flowers to writing and making a very narrow niche of music.

I made you a detailed step-by-step outline explaining how this works and how to turn literally any niche profitable.

If your interested, you can find it on this page.
This subject is explained in extreme detail all around this website, so I’m not going into too much detail here in this list.

41. Chartering


I’ve always wanted to do this. This can be the BEST way to both pay back your sailboat (or even yacht) cost, and travel to exotic locations.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily fall into the need money now category, and if you don’t know what chartering is, let me explain. People pay you to take them sailing, or it can be as simple as a quick tour.

It takes a little initial investment, but I’ve seen simple sailboats charging people $147 per hour, and maxing a group of 7 people a day. That’s some awesome money, and when your set up, you can make money now, like right now, by taking a group out for a day on your own boat.

In fact, I met a couple who charged $160 per person to take them out on a sailboat for a few hours. Obviously the more exotic locations you can target, and the more tourist-type audience you can reach, you can really make huge amounts of money.

This leads me into the next topic, which has allowed a guy to buy his own yacht in only a year or two.

42. Be a Freelance Tour Guide


This might require a license in some parts of the world, but I met a guy in California who started his own tour guide hustle. All he used was his van and advertised his services to travelers, foreigners, and tourists.

Using his van, he built his tour guide WHILE still maintaining a full time job, into a company that is being franchised in other parts of the united states.


43. Sell Waterbottles


This is extremely simple and can be done anywhere there is a large croud. It doesn’t require any food license because it is sealed bottled water.
It can be done at flea markets, in touristy areas, or just anywhere there is a lot of foot traffic.
Thomas actually wrote an article about doing this for some extra cash, which you can go check out.


44. Seriously, Flea Markets Are The Shit


I can’t tell you how much I love flea markets. You can sell literally anything at flea markets, and even gun shows. I met a guy who bought $5 dollar tasers in bulk at wholesale, took them to gun shows, and sold them for $25.
He never lost money doing this, and it’s so simple that it doesn’t require a lot of investment. The least amount he ever made was about $200 dollars. He never broke even! He never lost money!

Fact is, if you need money now, you can sell virtually anything lying around your house. If you get creative with each item, well, people love weird stuff.

This brings me into my next topic, where I met a guy at a Florida tradeshow making a killing.


45. Sell dead bugs


The guy I met at a Florida tradeshow one day was telling me how people absolutely LOVE dead bugs in a display case. He mentioned to me that the weirder something was, the better it did in his booth.

I loved how this guy literally collected dead bugs, put them inside books to flatten them out, and laid them out in a $2 dollar display case that he got wholesale.

He was selling these bug collections for $20 to $25 dollars a piece! The time that goes into finding the bugs, flattening them, and ordering the cases is apparently profitable, according to the strange man at the tradeshow.


46. Cut off subscriptions


I received a lot of skepticism when I wrote ‘how i made 3k in a week’. People thought it was too good to be true, or perhaps they might have to sell their soul, or something of the same value.

They thought they might have had to be sleazy, but I’ll tell you a quick way to make money right now — cut your subscription based bills. 50% of your subscriptions are ones you don’t actually need. If they don’t make you money, or help you make money, and they don’t supply much importance, get rid of it.

You can see my flow chart and the article on ‘h’ right here.

I love telling people that I get unlimited data/talk/text on my smartphone for $27 a month, on a galaxy that I paid less than $100 for.

47. Hard Labor Service 


If you need money now and are willing to do some hard labor, then this could be a good opportunity for you. In my experience of service based businesses and hustles, a willingness to kick ass on a job, confidence, and the ability to fill in the gaps will take you very far.

I was once asked to put a guy’s hard top roof on his jeep after installing his wall mounts and stereo equipment (which I also didn’t 100% know what I was doing), so I acted confident, eager to complete the job, and since I knew I could figure it out, I accepted.

It was a $200 dollar job which took me half an hour.

I know a lot of you are hard workers, but the thing that I had trouble with was selling myself. Advertising, getting the word out, and operating fully by myself was the thing I had trouble with the most.

Being an introvert makes it difficult to talk to people, advertise yourself and get the word out, but its completely possible to overcome.

48. Canned Soda & Bums


I was waiting at the bus stop to go to the night class at my Motorcycle Mechanics school, when two homeless guys come running up to me. One was a tall man who looked half asleep, and the other was short and dirty. He was carrying a little cooler, and eagerly approached me at the bus stop.

He immediately tried to sell me some pop from this cooler, and as he reached inside, I saw it full of ice and various cans of soda.

He was selling each can for $1.00. I asked where he gets the cans himself and he told me that he buys them in bulk, which averages out to about $0.50 cents a can.

49. Write Smut Books?


Well, it doesn’t have to be smut. There is a guy who writes short smut e-books and averages out $3,000 a month. I found the article pretty interesting, and it got me thinking. If you found the right niche, you could also write short stories and publish them on kindle.

This guy developed a fan base overtime, and writes custom content for clients. Some clients he says pay him $1,000 – $2,000 per book.

50. Be a Psychic On Call


There is a site where you can sign up to be a psychic on-call. You put your profile into their directory, and by using their software, you charge people $10+ per hour for being their consultant/psychic/friend.

No, it doesn’t even have to be anything smutty, some people will surprisingly pay for simple conversation.

This can be a really good source of money now, and can make some quick cash if you need money now, considering the only downfall is its up to the caller who they choose.

A very attractive photo in your profile won’t hurt business.


But I need money now…

Sometimes it can be tough, I know you need money now. The best way to make more money is to build something for yourself. A business, a system, something you control. This opens up way more potential income you could earn from flipping burgers or something menial and degrading.


If you learned one thing from this, let it be; for each weird sub-niche, there is a fan base. You can make money doing practically anything (with the right skills and persuasion psychology, which we will talk about in future articles).

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